Under construction March 2019

As a club or organisation, are you finding it has become increasingly hard to find volunteers willing to do all your financials and regulatory compliance?
Our new service will initially be providing:

  1. All the bookkeeping
  2. Managing membership payments
  3. Assist with appointing an Accounting firm & Auditor for the club
  4. Manage annual submission of returns to Consumer Affairs Victoria
  5. Produce up to date accounts, reports, insights in time for each committee meeting
  6. Virtual Treasurer service – A Bendigo Bookkeeping rep will attend committee meetings to present the numbers and provide guidance on club matters that will impact the financial dimensions
  7. Manage all relationships between Club Executive, bookkeepers, accountants, auditors, CAV and ATO
  8. Provide guidance on selection of technology tools to support bookkeeping, online ticket sales, online merchandise sales etc.