Using MYOB for Bookkeeping is an easy decision as MYOB now has a vast arrange of solutions for your business. Bendigo District Bookkeeping  can unravel and explain the various options and costs, with solutions that help you keep control of your finances, be more productive and reduce risk.
We have experience in both PC and Mac/Apple and can offer MYOB AccountEdge (Mac) or AccountRight (PC) Standard, Plus or Premier.bookkeeping myob
Bendigo Bookkeeping is now a MYOB certified Bookkeeping Partner as MYOB is trusted by over 1.2 million businesses.
We can also then offer advice whether to choose the ever increasing Online MYOB Essentials or to use the more traditional method of working on your local PC or Mac. Even a local copy of AccountRight 2015 can also be used to get daily bank feeds.
We can recommend the solution that best suits your needs – from helping with the day to day accounts, to more complex business management.
Bookkeeping is absolutely no one’s favourite task. However, the reality is if you own a small business, good record keeping is vital and also required by the ATO. Many new (and existing) businesses tend to neglect this aspect of their business until the end of financial year.
I can’t stress enough how important it is to organize your accounts from the onset by setting up and using simple accounting software that suits your needs.
Here are some tips to make Bookkeeping easier and less stressful:

  1. Allocate time each week and devote to your books
  2. Open a new business bank account for business earnings and expenses.
  3. Get accounting software that suits your business needs – and is easy to use
  4. Get all your tax and compliance obligations right.
  5. Keep your receipts

The ATO requires you to keep records for a minimum of five years.
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